F5 Food Truck

Feeding The Unsheltered 1.28.23

Thank you for your interest in supporting this cause. This project has ended but we have other similar causes we could use your help on. Check out the causes below.

Goal: $2.5K
Location: OKC

At The F5 Foundation Food Truck Foundation, we are a nonprofit organization that is working hard to provide food and hope to those in need in Oklahoma. We believe that everyone should have access to basic necessities and that no one should ever feel hopeless. Every two weeks we aim to raise $2.5K in order to continue our initiative. Your contribution will not only provide meals for those in need across Oklahoma, but also give hope to those in despair and comfort to so many who are struggling right now. Every donation counts. If you can donate on a re-occurring monthly basis, no matter the amount, has the greatest impact because it allows us to be able to plan and make better use of our funds.


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