F5 Food Truck

Commercial Kitchen

Goal: $100K
Location: OKC

Help us feed more people! We are ready to purchase a commercial kitchen in our city, but we need your help. We need 200 people to pay $500 and we can purchase our commercial kitchen to serve our Brothers and Sisters here in Oklahoma! We have already purchased the food truck and this is just the next step in our mission. We need your help to get the word out. Corporate sponsorship, community support, everything helps. Our goal is to have our first meal prepared in our commercial kitchen in time for the holidays. Our commercial kitchen will allow us to serve many more people and the need for this support is there. We are a nonprofit organization that seeks to serve the poor and homeless in our community. Our goal is to provide nourishment and a sense of hope through the purest form of love – food.  Join us in raising $100K and 100% of your donations will go towards buying this kitchen!


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